What We Offer
  AbCheck provides partners with the possibility to engage in research collaborations, in which antibody discovery and characterization are handled by our experienced scientists on behalf of our partner. Partners further have the option to access certain modules of AbCheck’s technology suite at their premises, enabling them to optimize antibodies from various sources in-house.

AbCheck’s proprietary sources for novel antibodies are the Natural Human Antibody Library, the Mass Humanization technology and the SuperHuman library. These libraries cover the full spectrum of antibody library philosophies, from in vivo generated human antibody sequences to highly engineered repertoires that are tailored towards achieving an optimal basis for subsequent drug development. Our unique yeast display technology, AbSieve, can be added to the discovery process for efficient selection of lead candidates in the final drug format. Through AbCheck’s optimization technology, AbAccel, to which AbCheck has an exclusive license, antibodies can be further improved to incorporate ideal drug-like qualities.

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