AbCheck - Technology
AbCheck constantly strives to anticipate the future demands for modern antibody technologies and can therefore flexibly respond to the needs of scientists across the biopharmaceutical industry. As a result, AbCheck owns one of the most diverse technology suites in the industry and employs its platforms to advance drug discovery programs quickly and efficiently. 

AbCheck recognizes the individuality of a given drug program and creates a toolbox to unlock each program’s full potential. We create custom ways to deliver the ideal drug candidate to our partners by combining all modules of our technology suite in the most suitable manner for a given project. AbCheck can provide a seamless transition from phage display to yeast display selection strategies, thereby integrating the best of both worlds. 

AbCheck has an ongoing alliance in the field of antibody technology development with the US-based bioengineering specialist, Distributed Bio. Novel technology modules have resulted from this alliance and are available to AbCheck’s partners and clients. The Mass Humanization und AbAccel™ technology are exclusively licensed to AbCheck.
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