Source Libraries
  AbCheck’s Natural Human Antibody Library

The Natural Human Antibody Library exploits the power of the human immune system by using antibody sequences generated in vivo. Sequences of variable heavy chains are taken from the IgM pool of healthy humans, where the highest diversity of antibody sequences can be found. The heavy chains are recombined with variable light chains in the phage display vector to maximize diversity.

To date, more than six billion individual combinations have been generated and have proven to be a reliable source of antibodies against virtually any target. AbCheck’s Natural Human Antibody Library is the first choice for partner’s looking for a highly diverse antibody library that contains exclusively in vivo generated human VH and VL domains and is able to deliver drug candidates with drug-like qualities, such as low to sub-nanomolar affinities.

The SuperHuman Antibody Library

A recent addition to AbCheck’s technology suite, the SuperHuman Antibody Library, was created to overcome current limitations of both fully synthetic and natural antibody libraries and to combine the strengths of both worlds. It is an engineered library using design principles aimed at providing a curated diversity that enriches drug-worthy frameworks in the resulting library and excludes frameworks that carry known biochemical liabilities. The SuperHuman Antibody Library is the first choice for potential partners looking for a smartly engineered antibody library that is tuned towards developabilty.

The addition of the SuperHuman library also complemented AbCheck’s previous efforts with AbAccel to provide a means to optimize the entire CDR region of the antibody molecule and maximize affinity maturation capabilities. While diversity in the SuperHuman library conceptually focuses on the heavy-chain CDR3 region, AbAccel creates diversity in the heavy-chain CDR1 and CDR2 regions in addition to the light chain CDR1 to CDR3 regions.

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