Why partner with AbCheck?
  AbCheck discovers and optimizes human antibodies for a broad range of medical applications. We are flexible in our approach and committed to meet partners’ demands in terms of deal structures balancing front-end and back-end loaded payment models. Companies and institutions such as Affimed, bluebird bio, Eli Lilly, The Pierre Fabre Laboratories, /Daiichi Sankyo and others have already chosen to trust AbCheck’s expertise and capabilities to strengthen their research & development pipelines. So far, AbCheck’s partnered drug discovery activities have resulted in more than 30 drug discovery programs. AbCheck originates from a 2009 spin-out of the technology platform out of Affimed, a biopharmaceutical company developing highly targeted cancer immunotherapies.  AbCheck is a 100% subsidiary of Affimed GmbH, while retaining a maximum level of independence with no shared labs or location nor other legal obligations to Affimed that would be in conflict with its commitment to customers and partners.
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