Press Releases
  June 28, 2018   MolMed and AbCheck sign a three-year Master Agreement for the development of new CARs targeting
novel tumor antigens
  October 25, 2017   AbCheck and Molecular Templates Announce Collaboration to Discover Therapeutic Oncology Leads
  January 31, 2017   First Clinical Milestone Achieved in Collaboration between AbCheck and Lilly
  October 27, 2015   AbCheck Achieves First Milestone in Pierre Fabre Partnership
  June 17, 2015   AbCheck and Pierre Fabre Pharmaceuticals Enter Into Strategic Research Partnership
  October 28, 2014   AbCheck Releases the AbAccel Antibody Technology for Out-Licensing
  April 2, 2014   AbCheck Antibody Discovery Deal with Pierre Fabre
  February 18, 2013   AbCheck Antibody Discovery Agreement with U3 Pharma
  November 13, 2012   AbCheck adds antibody affinity maturation and developability optimization to its unique Phage and Yeast Display technologies
  October 5, 2010   AbCheck: Antibody Discovery Deal - First validation of technology and business approach
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