AbCheck’s leadership team has gained substantial expertise in the biopharmaceutical industry including a tremendous amount of experience with discovery platforms at companies such as Affimed, Celltech, Cosmix, Fresenius, Pieris and Scil Technology.
Dr. Volker Lang
Managing Director

Phone: +420 378 051500
Fax: +420 378 051506
  Dr. Volker Lang, Managing Director, has 20 years’ experience in the biotechnology sector comprising basic research, industry R&D, business development and licensing, commercial operations, and management. He combines a background as scientist and project manager with extensive experience in the commercialization of biotechnology products. Dr. Lang has also gained considerable CMC/production experience in his previous positions. Prior to joining AbCheck, Dr. Lang was Chief Business Officer & Alliance Manager with Heidelberg-based Affimed AG. Prior to this, he worked for Scil Technology GmbH where he served as Vice President for Corporate Development. Dr. Lang has been Managing Director of AbCheck since 2010.
Dr. Vera Molkenthin
Head of Antibody Discovery

Phone: ++420 378 051500
Fax: +420 378 051506
  Dr. Vera Molkenthin, Chief Scientist, earned her PhD in Biology at the University of Mainz and has more than ten years of experience in antibody discovery and engineering. Dr. Molkenthin was leading the Antibody Discovery group at Affimed AG and managed the transfer of the technology to AbCheck in 2009. Since 2010 Dr. Molkenthin has been leading numerous partnered projects using AbCheck’s expanding technological capabilities.
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