Through its AbSieve™ technology AbCheck can combine the strengths of two leading display concepts in our industry, namely phage display and yeast display.

Yeast display has given drug developers the possibility to screen in the final drug format and use FACS screening systems to select promising therapeutic candidates easily and fast with no bacterial transfection and incubation times needed. This has however come at the costs of the inability of classical yeast display approaches to generate as diverse libraries as the phage-display platform has to offer.

AbSieve™ is AbCheck’s next-generation antibody selection process including phage display screening for identifying target-specific binders in scFv format and batch cloning into yeast display vectors to obtain antibodies in IgG or other desired formats and according to customer-specific drug target profiles.

AbSieve™, combined with our affinity maturation and lead optimization technology AbAccel™, speeds up drug discovery by high throughput screens in the final drug format and delivers antibodies for therapeutic application with high affinity and stability.

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