About AbCheck
  AbCheck provides a unique source of therapeutic antibodies with one of the industry's most versatile technology platforms. We provide high-quality, drug candidates through a partnered-discovery model. Offering both natural and engineered libraries, AbCheck strives to meet partners’ demands from across the biopharmaceutical industry.

AbCheck originates from a 2009 spin-out of the technology discovery platform out of Affimed, a biopharmaceutical company developing highly targeted cancer immunotherapies.

Multiple collaborative projects with Affimed have delivered the validation of AbCheck’s platform and capabilities through clinical-stage TandAb programs. TandAbs, Affimed’s proprietary antibodies, recruit immune effector cells or act by dual-binding to different antigens. Human antibody domains generated by AbCheck use the TandAb format, one of many formats AbCheck’s target-specific binding domains can be used for.

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