AbAccel™ is a cutting-edge, developability-focused platform that enables multi-factor antibody optimization in a single process, offering a unique approach to combine affinity maturation and biophysical optimization of human antibodies in one workflow. Existing antibody molecules are converted in proprietary AbAccel™ libraries and screened for variants with optimized affinities and biophysical properties. With AbAccel™, AbCheck has repeatedly succeeded in identifying antibody candidates that were >100-fold affinity-optimized, while still showing fully retained or further improved key properties (species cross-reactivity, specificity, stability).

AbAccel™ has been developed in cooperation with Distributed Bio. AbCheck has an exclusive license to employ AbAccel™.

AbAccel™ achieved
two logs improvement in
affinity with optimal species
cross-reactivity and
thermal stability
Complete permutation of
50 CDR positions enabled
paratope delineation
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